Hi! I’m Ikram, a Principal Software Engineer & Python developer at Kayak, working as a Senior Data Scientist.

8 years of work experience in the software development field, building projects for the web and IoT platforms, using different programming tools and languages like Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java, HTML & CSS.

I have extensive experience utilizing Python for every day to day tasks. Developing Architecture for full-stack application which includes JSON API, Databases communication layers, Router to manage User permissions Or NLP and computer vision deep learning applications using Tensorflow Or simple scripting with Click package OR web scraping using Scrapy framework etc


I have industry experience in designing and optimizing large relational databases built on popular technologies, including MySQL.

Low Level and System Programming

I enjoy low level programming and I’m familiar with Win32 API. I have also utilized several micro-controllers in hobby projects and have experience programming them to interface with each other.

My Social Circle

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and I am a disciplinary nomad, aspired to play a big role in the field of Artificial intelligence. I am always busy figuring out how different technologies are evolving and how I can utilize Machine Learning in people’s lives to make this world a better place.