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Ikram Ali | Lead Data Scientist | NLP

My name is Ikram Ali and Iโ€™m a Lead Data Scientist. I specialize in building ML engineering and data science teams from the ground up.\ My current passion is NLP and MLOps.

I approach my career by purposefully building domain knowledge in all the cross-functional disciplines required to deliver successful Data Science projects. This includes Research, Data Engineering, Machine Learning Engineering, Management, as well as dabbling in Agile Program Management and Product Management within other roles. This allows me to lead cross-functional teams and know the pain points of bringing a model from ideation to production.

I approach people management with the mindset of a mentor and career coach rather than a boss. I get excited about building teams of talented people, and I love seeing my team memberโ€™s careers grow!

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KAYAK | Lead Data Scientist | 2017 - Present

7+ years hands-on coding and model training experience for analytics, data science and machine learning including recommender systems 5+ year experience managing diverse teams of software engineers, machine learning engineers, and data scientists.

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